Kitab The Hypnotist’s Love Story : From the bestselling author of Big Little Lies, now an award winning TV series | Liane Moriarty

Kitab The Hypnotist's Love Story: From the bestselling author of Big Little Lies, now an award winning TV series | Liane Moriarty

The Hypnotist’s Love Story is a gripping exploration of love and obsession, from the bestselling author of the hit HBO series Big Little Lies.
How far would you go to keep the man of your dreams?
Hypnotherapist Ellen is fascinated by what makes people tick. So when she falls in love with Patrick, the fact that he has a stalker doesn’t faze her in the slightest. If anything it intrigues her, and the more she hears about Saskia, the more she wants to meet this woman. But what Ellen doesn’t know is that they’ve already met . . .
Saskia has been posing as one of Ellen’s clients. Unable to let go of the life she so abruptly lost, she wants to know everything about the woman who took her place. And the further she inches her way into Ellen’s world, the more trouble she stirs up.
Ellen’s love story is about to take an unexpected turn. But it’s not only Saskia who doesn’t know where to stop: Ellen also has to ask herself what lines she’s prepared to cross to get the happy ending she’s always wanted.
Thought-provoking, sympathetic and smart, Liane Moriarty’s The Hypnotist’s Love Story is a novel for anyone who’s ever loved, lost or found it hard to let go.
‘A complex, nuanced look at relationships, and the nature of romantic attachment’ Telegraph
Praise for Liane Moriarty
‘Highly addictive’ She
‘Fascinating and compassionate’ Daily Telegraph
‘Gripping, acutely observed, thought-provoking and funny’ Marie Claire
‘The writing is beautiful: sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always compelling’ Good Housekeeping
‘Captivating’ Closer
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